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GSG-Style Half Persian 3 Sheet 6 in 1 - The Easy Way

There are continued questions being asked about STARTING a simple GSG in the first place - this seems to be a show stopper for some people to make several other weaves that are based on GSG construction, that is basically a HP3-1S6 (Half Persian 3 Sheet 6 in 1) woven "sideways". As I feel not able to describe it in written words as a real tutorial, I will show my simplest method (there are quicker ones I know and use) for creation of a GSG as photo strip; in this example as three-column piece - other widths are easy to make if the principle is known.

Preferred ARs are above 4.7 for two-column 'classic' GSGs, and above 5.0 for three or more colums - the weave is attractive even at an AR of six, and has basically no upper physical limit. But my usual preferred ARs are in the 5.5 ballpark. The rings used for this sample are made from Spring Stainless 1.35*7.1mm (probably coiled on 1/4", but I don't know, as I bought these as-is), with an AR in the 5.2 ballpark.

First start with a piece of European 4 in 1 a bit longer than the to-be-created GSG shall be wide. So you have something to grab, that holds the weave stable in the beginning. After that make a simple HP3-1 (Half Persian 3 in 1) style seam, as is shown in tutorials already published by others, e.g. for making Persian Dragonscale and other weaves that use that technique - just follow the "through the eye, then around the eye" rule. Make it only two rings long if a standard GSG shall be created, or three for a 'GSG-3', and so on - the tutorial's principle works for every width of GSGs. The example shown here will become a GSG-3, a very interesting weave for making stretchy claspless bracelets, as a rubber band can be pulled through a seamless closed strip of sufficient length.

After that, start the second half-row by 'seaming the seam' - again following the "through the eye, around the eye" rule. And add more rows in repeating manner, until a sufficient length is reached to have a stable, easy to follow and repeat weave.

Thereafter the E4-1 starter can be removed, and voilą, you have your GSG...

Once you achieved doing GSGs in this ORAAT (One ring at a time) method, you will maybe find the speed weaving method using preclosed rings for every second half-row - and that will be mandatory, if you want to weave with rubber rings for making stretchies. But find it yourself - I won't explain this, as well as I don't show seamless joining of GSG-type sheets, as this is neither easy to explain nor photograph. If you manage this on your own, I congratulate you for that feat. :D

Anyway - Have fun.

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