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Apollo (One and a Half Persian) and Soyuz

Apollo and Soyuz are a neat, corresponding pair of sibling weaves, that are basically 'deconstructed Full Persian'. From the right viewpoint they are even near to indistinguishable from each other, but when twisted only a tiny bit, they're really different.

Here a step-for-step tutorial for both, in ORAAT manner is given; there are 'speed weaving' methods using more preclosed rings, but find these on your own. Rings added to the weave in every step are marked yellow. For this tutorial I used my 'Standard Persian Demo' rings, made from BA 1.6mm, coiled on 8.0mm mandrel, with a final AR of 5.35 - both weaves' minimum AR is in the 5.0 region, and while there's no geometric upper AR limit, I'd propose to avoid going above an AR of six, if not further modificatians are planned, that necessitate this.

Apollo (One and a Half Persian)

Step 0: As starter weave a 1-2-2 segment; it is of advantage to attach a tie wire, any existing chain, or as shown a piece of wire at the single ring - if you get into trouble and lose track, simply hang the chain down that handle, maybe shake a bit, and all will fall into proper position. Once your chain is long enough, simply remove the handle.

Step 1: Fold the last ring pair back (marked green here), and add a ring (yellow) to make a Half-Byzantine cell.

Step 2: Add a 'vertical' ring, woven 'backwards', in Harvest Moon manner, sandwiched between the vertical Half-Byz ring pair. Be cautious to hold all rings in place, else you're in trouble. But the solution is told in the starter notes.
Step 3: Add a ring pair, through the previously woven single one, one each at both sides (and sandwiching) Step 2's single ring.
Step 4: Add a further ring pair, again woven backwards to create a further Byzantine-like cell, but 'locked' by weaving through Step 1's single ring.

Repeat steps 1 to 4, to add another cell of the weave.

Repeat adding cells, until wished chain length is reached. Be happy :)


Step 0: Again, start with a 1-2-2 segment; observe the 'handle' notes given above.

Step 1: Add a single ring, woven 'backwards', sandwiched between the left ring pair of the weave starter.
Step 2: Add a further single ring, woven 'forward', sandwiched between the right ring pair of step 0.
Step 3: Add a ring pair, backwards, sandwiching the single ring that was added in step 1 - and have them locked by having woven them through the previous set ring pair.
Step 4: Add another ring pair, again forward, sandwiching the second single ring.

Add another cell in 1 backwards, 1 forward, 2 backwards, 2 forward manner. Please note the (Step 1) ring that I marked red here, that (in contrast to the first time where such a ring does not yet exist) goes through a previously woven 'vertical' ring - but without touching it in any way!

Rinse and repeat, until you have your desired chain length is hand.

Have fun with Apollo and Soyuz. And experiment a bit with combinations of, maybe using Full Persian 6in1 cells as 'Docking Modules', or whatever you can imagine. For example 'ASTP' is a very attractive weave combination, that alternates 4-2-4-ring segments of Apollo, and 3-3-ring segments of Soyuz. And there are MANY more... :)

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